How Super Fit Works

Super Fit was developed to provide professional fitness training at affordable prices.  We are not a bodybuilding, powerlifting or ‘big box’ gym.  We are a state-of-the-art, 6,000 square foot studio that exclusively offers one of the most unique training experiences for men and women of all ages and fitness levels.high incline press

The recommended three-day-a-week workout routine will be tailored to your unique physical needs, capabilities, experience and goals (no experience necessary).  You can get a gentle but effective workout or a high-intensity, vigorous workout for even the fittest athlete – it all depends on your goals, motivation and workout tolerance.   

The workout is based on the highly effective method of cardiovascular-strength training (similar to circuit training).  We combine the ultimate in current and traditional strength training exercises with a large variety of cardiovascular rest intervals.   This will give you a serious metabolic & muscle boosting punch for optimum levels of strength and improved body composition.

1.  Start with a series of abdominal exercises for core strength.
2.  Dumbbell side bends (for strengthening the muscles around the lumbar vertebrae).
3.  Isolated shoulder work (for shoulder tone and resiliency).
4.  A few sets of single-legged dead lifts (for balance and stability and for lower back and hamstring strength).
5.  Side-step ‘crab walks.’  This is a very important exercise to strengthen the deep hip muscles which are so imperative to lower body strength and resiliency.  6.  ‘Quad-Sets’ for chest, back and quadriceps.  Round 1.  Bench Press, Lat pulldowns, Squats into Leg Extensions using relatively light weight for 12 to 15 repetitions. Then a 60 to 90-second cardio recovery interval of your choice (walk or run on treadmill, elliptical, upright bike, recumbent bike, stair climber, spinner, etc.  Then go into Round 2.  Same exercises but now with medium weight for 8 to 12 repetitions, etc. until four or five rounds have been completed using relatively heavy, ultra-heavy and ultra-max weight.
7.  Cool down 3 to 5 minutes.  Workout completed in approximately 45 to 55 minutes. 

The entire workout program is currently on an 8-week cycle.  It doesn’t matter when you start or what level of fitness you are at.  We vary the workout duration, intensity and variety throughout cycle to keep your body guessing and having to continuously adapt which is a key element to why Super Fit is so effective.

The most important component to Super Fit is the guidance from the trainers.  There are always two trainers leading the classes of 6 to 8 people (sometimes 2, sometimes 10).  With two trainers you are guaranteed the personal instruction, guidance and attention to details pertaining to form, tempo and effort.  No thinking, no wondering what to do.  Get in, get it done and get out – simple as that!

Appointments or sign-ups are not necessary.  Choose any one of the ten training sessions offered daily.  Show up early and spend as much time doing a warm up as you would like.  We recommend (but not necessary) three, non-consecutive workouts per week.  These training sessions are of the highest quality and will improve your level of strength & fitness guaranteed!

The following is from a Super Fit client explaining to the Edmonds Beacon newspaper about Super Fit.

Dear Edmonds Beacon,

You should really do a story about Super Fit.  They are right on the Edmonds/Lynnwood border on 196th.  They are really amazing because it’s not a franchise or a global brand – they are an independent business delivering an incredible product.  They are a group training fitness concept. Instead of a private trainer, a group of 6-8 people share two, highly experienced trainers in what has to be the most sensible and effective workout program I’ve ever experienced.

I passed by the place for years thinking it was just for weight trainers – but it’s nothing like that.  There are young people and old people, slender and heavy, veterans, athletes, moms, and even a few local celebrities (our secret) – all work together in the highest respect and cooperation.  It is truly an amazing experience and everything has to do with the owners, Jeff Turner and Linda Lee. 

The trainers create an absolute positive and welcoming environment for everyone.  They treat people with the highest dignity and respect.  They care about your progress and they give great advice about exercise and diet as well as some mental tips for how to perceive yourself.  Nobody else does this.

They have been open for 10 years so they are well established and on the right track.  It is a deeply inspiring story to find an independent operator doing well in this climate of big business and economic uncertainty.

Please contact me for any info.

Thank you,

Dan R., Edmonds, WA.
Core room that is darkersuper fit panoramaAnother shot of strength room