Super Fit Testimonials

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I was a member of a local gym I rarely used

I joined Super Fit … it has … changed not only my body but my mind

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“I joined Super Fit because I was looking for a new way to workout. I have swam and ran for the last 25 years and needed to add something new. Super Fit provides a great one-hour workout which includes activities I’ve never done things like strengthening my “core,” weight lifting and stretching. I like coming to Super Fit because all I have to do is show up. The entire one-hour workout is figured out for me. The trainers are there to help and encourage me to get the mot out the workout. Without the trainers, it would be very difficult to do. Super Fit has given me back that natural adrenaline high that lasts hours after your workout. After only seven weeks I have noticed my stomach, my upper back and my arms becoming toner and stronger. I feel Super Fit is a great value. You pay a low hourly rate without any other hidden costs or dues. I think the big question is – How can anyone not afford to come to Super Fit?”
Melinda V., Edmonds, WA
“I joined Super Fit because it provides personal training at an affordable price with flexible scheduling. I love coming to Super Fit because I receive individual motivation, attention and specific training with each visit. The varied workouts are both fun and challenging!
Prior to joining Super Fit, I was receiving physical therapy for back problems. After just two months, I am no longer experiencing pain. In addition, my ability to participate in physical activities is back to 100%.
Super Fit is an absolute value. The trainers know me personally: my needs and abilities. They push me while maintaining an awareness of any physicallimitations I have. I receive personal training without the high price!”
Melodie W, Edmonds, WA
My name is Beckie Propst and I am 57 years old. When I turned 50, there were major changes happening to my body – weight gain, high cholesterol and low energy. I tried other exercise programs like hot yoga, basic gym workouts but I didn’t see results for weight loss and strength. Exercising and staying in shape was my goal and particularly important at my age.
Lifting heavy weights has not made my muscles big. Strength training helped me lose weight faster and keep it off in the long run. I had to change my eating habits and monitor the calorie count to lose weight and build muscle. As the fat melted off, my body looks leaner and firmer, and that is exactly what happened to me.
Super Fit helped me lose weight from their circuit strength training. The Super Fit program is excellent, and so are the trainers that provide professional instruction and motivation to try harder and see the results faster. My commitment to the program is Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 5:00 a.m. I walk in and the trainers have everything set up for me and they are on constant watch making sure my form and intensity are spot on. Another big bonus, “no thinking necessary!” Super Fit has helped me get in the best shape of my life, and I’m 57 years old!
Beckie Propst, Edmonds, WA
Super Fit has totally changed my way of living. After having my son 2 months early due to Hypertension I knew I needed to get healthier for my new family and Jeff, Eddie & Linda were there to help and encourage me to do so. After almost a year & a half I am absolutely the healthiest and most fit I have ever been. I know I couldn’t have done it without Super Fit and all the wonderful trainers here! I weighed 155 pounds (size 10) when I started Super Fit. Now I am 127 pounds (size 4)!
Chelsea Sherwood, Edmonds, WA
I worked out at Super Fit full-term with two of my children. It was so easy and the trainers are highly experienced and knowledgeable!
Tracy T, Edmonds, WA
My kids signed me up for 12 sessions at Super Fit 5 years ago. Starting a new habit, particularly a strenuous cardio-fitness regimen, was tough. I found that regular sessions produced positive results and repetition made workouts better if not easier.
The things that keep me going back to Super Fit are:
1. Sticking with it: Super Fit has become a regular appointment on my calendar. Their well planned exercise routines with individual instruction and coaching from the trainers keeps me motivated and encouragement shared among classmates is very supportive.
2. The rewarding feeling of accomplishment: I have noticeably better strength for my daily activities and much improved stamina. I feel better and look back at the result of 5 years of training with great satisfaction and forward to many more.
Dave P., Edmonds, WA
I would have to say that finding Super Fit and joining has to be one of my greatest life choices. I feel so good both inside and out! I am always personally greeted by my trainers when I walk in the door. Every workout is different and challenging. I am so much stronger now. I’m committed for life!
Jaime S, Brier, WA



June 6, 2016 – “This has been a great opportunity for my mom and I to do something together that we both enjoy.

Super Fit is a place where people of all different shapes and sizes can come together and work hard for their personal fitness. It doesn’t matter your age, your level of athleticism, or any other physical characteristic. It’s sincerely for every person who wants to better themselves in a positive environment with awesome people and coaches.

I come from a competitive Olympic weightlifting background and found myself not enjoying it nor progressing the way I wanted to. I was training in a way that was creating gaps in my strength. My mom and I would come back from our training in the evenings and there was a startling difference in our attitudes and satisfaction with the workouts we had completed. The difference was that my mom was doing Super Fit and I was not. When I realized that what she was doing seemed a lot more fun, I decided to come in one afternoon and by the end of the class, I was totally and utterly exhausted. It was the most inspiring and motivating moment for my personal fitness at the end of my first session. I had found the right coaching, programming and people to surround myself with in order to achieve fitness in the way that it should be.

Currently, my mom and I religiously go to our Super Fit three times a week and are always equally pumped up about the things we can accomplish. Though her and I are completely different athletes (she is a long distance runner) we both have a great experience and love getting a bit sore from the workouts during the week. This has been a great opportunity for my mom and I to do something together that we both enjoy.

After doing Super Fit for a short amount of time, I have seen and felt numerous changes. My Olympic weightlifting has gotten better in that my strength has been dramatically better-rounded (especially my core). In addition to this, what I see in the mirror and on the scale have been pretty great.

With the help of Jeff and Linda, I am moving forward in a direction of fitness that when I come home afterwards, I am excited and completely satisfied with what I did that hour of the day. Needless to say, Super Fit rocks!”
Stefanie W, Edmonds, WA

“We’ve working out at Super Fit for three years now and have found that it’s absolutely perfect for the both of us. For years we had tried private personal training and the big-box gyms but always seemed to have to motivate ourselves over and over again. When we discovered there was something different called “Group Training” at Super Fit, we immediately became huge fans and have found working out to be much more enjoyable, definitely more effective and a tremendous value for our money ($18 per hour for Master Personal Trainers – you can’t beat that).

Super Fit has a fun atmosphere of people of all ages, sizes and shapes. The full-body workouts are very comprehensive and personally tailored to each individual. My wife Karen and I attend the recommended three sessions a week and always get more than enough personal instruction and guidance – you’re never left in the dark.

The other terrific aspect of Super Fit is their flexible schedule – if you can’t make the 4 pm, you can go to the 5 pm and not miss your workout. This works great with our busy schedules and we have seen great results not only in how we look and feel, but also in our strength and reduced injuries.”

Daniel Webster & Karen Stockall
Edmonds, WA
Daniel W, Edmonds, WA

“I am so thankful that I joined Super Fit. I drove by for 3 years before calling… I was in a fitness slump. The trainers at Super Fit do the best job inspiring my workouts and helping me push myself. It took me a long time to find a workout situation that kept me coming back for more. I work long hours with a varied schedule. I have kids with crazy schedules and a very busy husband.”
“The problem is that I always made the excuse of having no time to work out. Well, all it takes is getting through Super Fit’s door (usually barely awake). I just do what the trainers tell me to. It’s a quick and efficient workout that doesn’t get boring. The results are clear… I feel more energetic, positive and I am significantly stronger and more toned. Thanks to Jeff, Linda, Eddie and Brian.”
Kari E., Edmonds, WA

“Super Fit has aided me in changing my outlook on fitness. I am a 21-year-old fitness instructor and prior to Super Fit I thought cardio was the only way to reach my fitness goals. Starting Super Fit at age 20 I was introduced to a program that would not only reconstruct my shape, but provide stability in my all around strength and agility. I have been battling Lupus for years now and with the help from Super Fit I have been able to continue to press forward to not let Lupus define me. “

“Super Fit provides a warm and welcoming environment that insures results due to the passion and dedication from the staff. I always have a good time working out and I leave Super Fit sweating like I have never worked out before. Last summer I was working out 3 days a week, we often times focused on muscles I would have never thought to tone such as my forearm. We did these extremely intense exercises that strengthened my muscles in my arms and wrists. At the time, I thought nothing of it or why I would need those muscles to be focused on. Then in the fall, I fell while teaching and came close to breaking my wrist. The doctor told me that the only reason why I didn’t break it is because of the strength in my muscles in my forearm as well as my wrist. For that, I owe a big thanks to Super Fit for keeping my bones protected! I will continue to go to Super Fit for that added intensity into my workout, even as a fitness instructor, I am still constantly being challenged at Super Fit!”

Amera K., Edmonds, WA

“I went online looking for a boot camp and Super Fit gym popped up on the screen promoting professional group fitness. Something spoke to me that this was different having professional training at each of the sessions. After 2 weeks of joining I knew this was the “right place” to achieve total fitness and health. Super Fit training keeps your body guessing as to what is the next routine; thus all you have to do is keep coming through that door. Jeff, Linda, Eddie & Brian are true professionals, there approach is to give you the knowledge and that occasional nudge as necessary when you think the tank is empty yet maintaining a fun friendly atmosphere. Each workout is awesome and now the magic has begun on my transformation, the rewards are plenty at Super Fit and the value is superb”
Alfred H., Edmonds, WA
“I have suffered with lower back pain for most of my life so my sister convinced me to try Super Fit. I was skeptical due to the fact that physical therapy didn’t help my condition. Jeff and his team are helpful, honest, trustworthy and positive that they could and would help make my back stronger – and my back hasn’t felt this good in years. I look forward to the day that I don’t have any lower back pain. Thank you Super Fit!”
Cassidy C., Seattle, WA
“I look forward to every Super Fit workout instead of being filled with dread like when I attended the mainstream “big” gyms. The trainers are helpful and supportive and you aren’t treated as “just a number”. I feel I have gotten in great shape at Super Fit since having 4 kids in the last few years and am excited about all the fun and active things I can do with them instead of sitting on the sidelines. Since joining Super Fit, I have renewed my love of the outdoors after a long hiatus and have been able to go skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and biking and am now learning to Stand Up Paddleboard. I believe the possibilities are endless and I feel better and stronger after every workout. Going to Super Fit is definitely the “me” time I enjoy the most.”
Victoria O., Seattle, WA
“I love working out at Super Fit! Everyone is so encouraging which helps push myself so that I can be the best that I can be and as strong as possible.”
Leslie H., Seattle, WA
‘ ihave been working with the trainers at Super Fit for three years now and they are excellent! I’ve never been this strong and in such good shape, but the best thing… I can still fit in my jeans from 1986!”
Pam G., Edmonds, WA
“Because of Super Fit my health and fitness have greatly improved. I’ve enjoyed its unique training program which is both fun and effective!”
Rose L., Edmonds, WA
“I used to only do cardio workouts. I would pass Super Fit and was curious about cardio-weight training. On day I stopped to check it out. My very first class was that night and I was hooked! I’ve learned so much, feel great, and I am motivated to lead a healthier life style. Super Fit is simply the best!”
Sharon S., Edmonds, WA
“Super Fit is by far the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m 67 years old but feel 25 because of Super Fit’s comprehensive strength and conditioning program. You just can’t put a price on that. I love to work in my yard and because of Super Fit I can last all day. Thanks Super Fit!”
Sylvia K., Edmonds, WA
“For years, I had felt exhausted after sitting at a desk for 8 hours and couldn’t find the motivation to exercise. I finally decided to make a change and joined Super Fit. Since joining, my energy levels have increased while my weight has decreased. I am amazed that I’m actually able see and feel results! I would recommend this type of workout in this environment to anyone. Just take the first step!”
Jill S., Edmonds, WA
“I had been training regularly at Super Fit for over 2 years when the economic down turn hit. I thought I’d save the money and do it on my own. I tried to stay on schedule but I gradually did less and less until I stopped doing anything at all. Within one year, I lost my strength, gained 13 pounds, had no energy and felt miserable.
Now I’m back at Super Fit and in shape, strong and feel great! The camaraderie of the group, the ability of the trainers to challenge me, the encouragement, the results were all missing when I left. I’m sticking with Super Fit…I can’t afford not too! At only $17 per hour it’s an immeasurable value. Also, I get to workout with my husband and three experienced trainers.
Jeff Turner is amazing! Not only has his personal training made us stronger and leaner but he’s a nonstop fountain of health and wellness information. He keeps fresh, new info at every station and throughout training he’s calling out statistics, new research and tips. “Jeff-isms” as we fondly refer to them. Jeff, Linda and Eddie are helping us meet our immediate goals while ensuring an active, healthy retirement down the road.”
Dawn P., Edmonds, WA
“I really do want to thank you, Linda and Eddie for getting me to this point in my life. Your motivation has been an essential component to getting us all into the Gym on a regular basis – I never leave your gym wishing I had just skipped a workout.
I am in the best shape of my life – it really isn’t about the scale anymore – it is about being fit, everything else falls into place if you get yourself fit. I have always wanted to run a 5k and I am running that every day and doing a race for fun every month. I feel very good about showing my kids that taking care of yourself needs to be a top priority – not just to lose weight – but to be able to truly live the life you want each and every day.”
Deanne L., Edmonds, WA
“Super Fit provides the complete package for busy adults. They do it all – isometrics, core, weights, cardio, and stretching. Self-directed workouts never worked for me. Super Fit does. They will make you stronger and it’s an awesome value!”
Daniel T., Edmonds, WA
“Working out at Super Fit has given me the strength and stamina to keep up with my kids (all 7 of them). It’s an investment in my health now and in the future, I want to be hiking, skiing, etc. when I’m 57, as well as 37. Going to Super Fit after work gives me a boost of energy for the evening and is a great way to transition work stress. I like that the trainers at Super Fit plan my workouts and are great coaches, it’s so nice not to have to think about which exercises to do for full body strength.”
Garrett C., Edmonds, WA
“Of all the cost cutting we need to do, Super Fit is never going to be on the list. We haven’t felt this strong, flexible, and fit in years! Thanks for everything.”
Dave and Melinda G., Edmonds, WA
“Super Fit’s routines are amazing! Just make it through the front door and give 100%. You will be amazed at how light those grocery bags will feel.”
Linda G., Edmonds, WA
“You need to make yourself the priority for the first time in a long time. I don’t get manicures, lattes or shop at the mall but I will always work out at Super Fit. It has changed my life and I can’t imagine not being the strong, fit and able bodied woman I am today!”
Susan S, Edmonds, WA
I joined Super Fit in 2010. I tried other gyms but the trainers couldn’t adapt a workout to my disability. Super Fit adjusts my workout to me and my abilities; I’m in the best shape of my life since losing my leg. I can’t say enough about Jeff, Eddie and Linda, with the positive support and motivation to do more. I look forward to my workouts.
John S, Edmonds, WA
“Super Fit offers superior strength & fitness training. When I first joined I was plagued by low energy, porous bones, lack of discipline & zero experience with strength training. The training sessions, led by a team of certified, attentive & extremely supportive trainers in a class-like setting, was ideal for providing me with the variety of workouts & fun to get me motivated.
With only a few members per trainer at a typical workout session, I got all the customized support I wanted or needed. Noticeable improvements in muscle tone came within weeks. Four years later, I still love the program and find it easy to workout consistently.
Today, as a 61-year-old woman, I can do pushups on my toes with hand claps! Super Fit sessions have cost me way less than hiring a personal training, but I bet you my Super Fit results have far exceeded any I would have achieved with private training. Thank you, Super Fit!”
Jean Y., Edmonds, WA
Super Fit is THE place for ‘ordinary people’ to get and stay fit. The professional trainers Jeff, Linda and Eddie have an amazing ability to motivate and inspire. They’ve really had a positive effect on my life.
Mike C., Edmonds, WA

“I LOVE working out at Super Fit because with each workout, I feel like I have gotten THE BEST workout I could possibly ask for. We all know the hardest part is getting to the gym, but I look forward to going to Super Fit each time. The trainers are amazing, helpful and push you to get the maximum out of each exercise and set that we do. AND, all you have to do is get in the door. The sessions are ready to go. You just have to be ready to sweat! When I went to other gyms, I didn’t push myself and I didn’t really feel like I fit in or was appreciated. Jeff, Linda, and Eddie are awesome and they really do care about their clients.

I have been coming here for over a year now and with the exception of vacations out of town or illness, I won’t let myself miss a workout. I have noticed a higher energy level, better night’s sleep and a confidence in my body’s abilities. I feel so much better about myself AND my body, better than I’ve EVER felt! Plus, I am getting stronger and I feel proud when I leave the gym, knowing that I gave it and got 110%. Thank you Super Fit!”
Beth K., Edmonds, WA

“I joined Super Fit as a 40th birthday present to myself. It was one of the best things I have ever done! I saw results right away, and continue to make improvements. Although I have always been active, this is the only fitness program I have been able to keep doing for any length of time since I was in college. The individual attention the trainers at Super Fit provide inspire me to work harder and meet my individual goals. Compared to personal training, Super Fit is WAY more sustainable! It’s affordable and I get to work out in a supportive, fun, small group environment. I have enjoyed improved energy, a better attitude, and greatly improved general health. It sounds a little silly, but Super Fit has truly changed my life for the better. The trainers know how to deliver a safe, effective program for people at all levels of fitness. I recommend Super Fit to everyone!”
Corinne T., Edmonds, WA
“I go to Super Fit because I never want my age or my seven children to catch up with me.”
Leanne C., Edmonds, WA
“The trainers at Super Fit are professional & encouraging, they keep the workouts interesting and challenging.”
Evelyn H., Edmonds, WA
“At Super Fit I know I am going to get an awesome workout every time. The trainers are always changing the routine to keep it fresh and innovative without getting away from the fundamentals of strength and fitness”
Darin G., Bellevue, WA
“I have wanted to get serious about fitness for a long time. The combination of hospitality, encouragement and professionalism that you, Linda, and Eddie provide is unusual and just what I needed. I am literally in the best shape of my life.”
Paul M., Edmonds, WA
“Last week, someone asked me in recent years who has inspired and motivated me the most. Without hesitation, I said Jeff Turner. I thank you from the bottom of my heart the 100% commitment you gave to me while training at Super Fit.”
John K., Edmonds, WA
“Super Fit gives one-on-one attention in small classes. The trainers are professional, personable and have a great sense of humor as well as convey a sense of truly caring about how their clients progress and feel.”
Lin C., Edmonds, WA
“I’ve never had so much fun getting such great results in such a short time. Super Fit has got to be one of the all time best bargains in the fitness industry. I only wish I had found out about Super Fit several years earlier. Their carefully choreographed workouts, together with the attitude and professionalism of the Super Fit staff, is the key to their effectiveness. All I have to do is walk through the door to Super Fit and they take care of the rest. There’s no guess work to their system. I don’t have to figure out what I’m supposed to do, every session is different, every session is planned out, and every time I walk out the door, I know I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth. Try their system for a month and you’ll be hooked!
Somehow these people have figured out how to take people of all ages and all fitness levels, put them in a small group for a workout, and give them all personalized attention, AND IT REALLY WORKS! In fact, IT WORKS REALLY GREAT! I have lots of expensive workout equipment gathering dust at home ever since I started at Super Fit. What I’ve learned since starting at Super Fit is it’s not the equipment but the trainers who make for a truly great and rewarding workout experience!
I don’t care how much money you spend on workout equipment, it will never motivate you, it won’t discipline you, it won’t help you do what you need to do when you need to do it – Super Fit will!”
Scott W., Edmonds, WA

“The price is much more economical for personal training. The trainers are extremely professional, knowledgeable and personable. Classes are smaller than the bigger health clubs, therefore the workouts are much more efficient and effective with consistent one-on-one attention.

When I consistently attend the classes and see the progress from getting in there, it is a very easy decision to continue with what works.

My endurance has improved to where I can work out harder on my cardio. When I see and feel the results from those efforts, it helps me make wiser decisions regarding food choices.

Super Fit is an excellent value. I have paid for personal trainers before and never got results like I get at Superfit. To see a personal trainer 3 times a week would cost $150.00, not at Superfit – it only costs me $49.”
Lisa E., Edmonds, WA

“I have been a member of many health clubs and all had one thing in common – someone would show you a few exercises for the first day then leave you to fend for yourself. No real motivation or concern for your well-being. At Super Fit, this is not the case. You get the support and attention from a trainer every single time you show up.
I love the way I feel after every workout, the trainers are great and the hours are so flexible and convenient. I have only been here for a few months but noticed a dramatic change in my body. My energy level has gone way up and no more mid day crashes! My clothes are fitting better and I feel happier and motivated. For the first time I see myself reaching my goal.
Super Fit is a great value because you get a team of trainers that help you every workout. The trainers are great and always motivating. I feel that there is a sincere interest in my well-being and you can’t put a value on that in today’s world!”
Charice M., Edmonds, WA
“I wanted the guidance and structure of a trainer but also wanted the support and camaraderie of a small, intimate group. It’s perfect!
It’s a great workout. I feel I’m learning exercise principles I can use for the rest of my life. I’m not blindly following a self-governed workout that I found in a magazine.
Super Fit has made me a more complete athlete. Rather than just a sport specific workout, my entire body has gotten stronger and leaner.
Super Fit is absolutely a great value. I get personal guidance and support for less that a piece of home fitness equipment that ends up being used as a clothes hanger!”
Kelly S., Edmonds, WA
“I love Super Fit because of the personal attention, focused workouts and fast results. I keep coming back because the trainers are SERIOUS about what they do. They are very professional, hence, it motivates me to do my best. My body has become sculpted and I’m stronger than I have ever been and everyone that knows me has remarked about the way my body has changed. Those types of compliments motivate me to stay at Super Fit and I’ve learned valuable technique and form.
Super Fit is a great value because people pay thousands of dollars for personal trainers and that’s not the case here. It’s very affordable and that keeps me getting the professional help I need to look good and feel good.”
Audrey T., Edmonds, WA
“I’ve tried other clubs before and the atmosphere is not comfortable for me, nor do I get the motivational push I need. Super Fit seems to fit my lifestyle, the trainers and other people are there to get a good workout, get it done and get home. I always feel better after I leave and the people are great to be around both clients and trainers.
Super Fit has changed the shape of my body as well as given me more energy and a better mood.
Super Fit is an excellent value. There are about six people in each class. With three trainers and the way they divide you into two groups it’s just like one-on-one training. They are constantly monitoring my form and they always get me to go a few more reps which are the ones that are changing my body!”
Tonia O., Edmonds, WA
“I love the warm greetings and the positive attitude of the trainers. The first time I worked out they made me feel like I was part of the gym. The personalized training is exceptional.
When I don’t want to go to work out because I am tired, I know the type of workout is going to make me feel great and energized when I’m done.
I have lowered my heart rate, blood pressure and have much more energy and stamina. Weight gain is not an issue anymore. I seem to lose a little every week.
I can’t think of any other way to feel good – the value you receive far exceeds the little I pay each session!”
Joel O., Edmonds, WA

“The Super Fit gym is excellent, the trainers are excellent, the equipment is excellent and it is a superb value. It has a wide range of aerobic and weight lifting equipment and exercises. The trainers are skilled, helpful, supportive and encouraging. They play close attention and instruct in proper body mechanics to prevent or heal athletic injuries.

I have increased my strength and endurance. I can lift luggage and my bike so much easier. The discipline of regular attendance has improved my health and body appearance. Super Fit is absolutely the best value!”
Sarah B, Edmonds, WA

“I joined Super Fit because I wasn’t getting proper attention at health clubs and I wanted to learn how to do it right and get a good workout. Besides, it would cost me four times more to get their personal training. I really like working out at Super Fit because it’s like being on a team where we are all working together trying to accomplish the same goal, and we have three coaches.
I know I’m in the best shape of my life. I’ve gained about six pounds of muscle and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.
Super Fit is an awesome value. For the price and the superb coaching, I couldn’t get that anywhere else!”
James S, Edmonds, WA
“I love having a trainer right there making sure I’m doing everything right. I feel challenged, motivated and I love how I feel when I’m done with my workout. I feel so much stronger – especially my core strength. It has made a huge difference for me in so many ways. Super Fit is just like having a personal training but it is so inexpensive!”
Lara V, Edmonds, WA
“I joined Super Fit after I had my first child. I needed to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I like the the style of training with a combination of cardio, weights and core training. It’s a seamless way to workout. I have been with Super Fit for over 2 years because I like the laid-back atmosphere and the trainers really care about the well-being of the clients. I like that all I have to do is show up and the trainers take care of the rest.
Super Fit has made me stronger than I ever thought possible. I have more muscle and a lot less fat which has completely changed the shape of my body. After a workout at Super Fit, I feel so energized and satisfied that what I did was the best I could do. I know that I am in the best shape of my life.”
Marina F, Edmonds, WA
“I love Super fit because it keeps me coming back. It’s personalized and the trainers know how to motivate me to the best of my ability. They really care about my fitness goals. I really like the group training atmosphere because everyone is in it together. It’s fun and the music is good too!
I have increased my lean body mass and have lowered my body fat percentage and I have gotten so much stronger. It’s fun to know that from the first day to now – 3 years later – I know that I’m stronger because I’ve gone to a the highest possible weights. I can see definition in my arms and all over.
I think Super Fit is a great value – especially if you can do the 76-session package (only $17 per hour) and that’s for personalized training! If I went to get personal training anywhere else, I would pay so much more but wouldn’t get as good of a session.”
Celeste P, Edmonds, WA
“After attempting to work out on my own and only seeing minimal results, I joined Super Fit in July of 2012. I knew that I needed someone to push me, if I was going to get my body where I wanted it to be. Super Fit is the most motivating and supportive gym I have ever belonged to. Not only do the trainers want you to see you succeed, but the other members of the gym also do! Joining Super Fit has been one of the best things I have done for myself. I am stronger, happier, and have lost 40 pounds to date.”
Lisa Schattenkirk, Lynnwood, WA


Dear Edmonds Beacon,

You should really do a story about Super Fit. They are right on the Edmonds Lynnwood border on 196th. They are really amazing because it’s not a franchise or a global brand – they are an independent business delivering an incredible product. They are a group training fitness concept. Instead of a private trainer, a group of 6-12 people share 3-4 trainers in what has to be the most sensible and effective workout program I’ve ever experienced.

I passed the place for years because I thought it was for weight trainers – but it’s nothing like that. There are young people and old people, slender and heavy, veterans, athletes, moms, and even a few local celebrities (our secret) – all work out together in the highest respect and cooperation. It is truly an amazing experience and everything has to do with the owners. Jeff, Linda and Eddie create an absolute positive and welcoming environment for everyone. They treat people with the highest dignity and respect – they care about your progress and they give great advice about exercise diet as well as some mental tips for how to perceive yourself. Nobody else does this.

They have been open for 9 years so they are well established and on the right track. It is a deeply inspiring story to find an independent operator doing well in this climate of big business and economic uncertainty.

Please contact me for any info.


Dan R.
Dan R., Edmonds, WA.

“Super Fit is fantastic! This program is exceptional because of the commitment of the trainers. They are professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping us become stronger and healthier. The confidence gained with increased fitness translates to all other aspects of life. Honor yourself and come to Super Fit.”
Jane Shefler, Edmonds, Wa.
After a family loss, both my wife and I experienced a dramatic low-point in our lives: She became lethargic, I took to drinking and eating poorly. During this three month malaise I often thought about turning our lives around by getting involved in some form of a fitness program. However, I didn’t know where to begin. I had heard stories of personal trainer programs as the way to go. However, I was skeptical of the idea of the ‘uber-trainer’. Thoughts of the ‘in-your-face’ approach raced through my mind. I thought someone would come into my home, throw away all my food and make me do push-ups at 5 a.m.
Super Fit is located near my home and I would often drive by it on my way to work. Not knowing much about the gym or its programs I decided to call. Jeff Turner answered and responded kindly and intelligently to my skepticism and curiosity.
After a few short weeks of workouts and interactions with Jeff and the entire SuperFit team I was convinced this program was for us: my entire family. I later brought in my wife to join in the fun and, she too quickly realized the benefits.
We have been members for three years and equally seen results in the following areas:
• I have lost over 30lbs of fat while maintaining core strength and musculature.
• My wife has found a new gained energy, as she is often getting up at 3am for work. Plus, I am quite fond her tight abs!
• A true sense of community: we could not have done it without the help and caring of Jeff, Linda, Eddie and Brian. In addition, the other ‘Super-Fitters’ who work out and cheer each other on gave us a sense of community and teamwork.
It is clear that Jeff and his team take great pride in their gym, their clients and their efforts to better the physical fitness industry.
Eric & Joanna Moore, Edmonds, WA